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Magnetic resonance MRI


Computer tomograph

Unlike conventional X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging works with strong magnetic fields, which
make it possible to visualize structures not captured by ordinary X-rays.
For this reason, MRI has become an indispensable tool, especially in the area of sports medicine,
and the number one technique for further clarifying sports injuries.
Magnetic resonance also provides imaging with information about soft tissues.
Particularly in the joint area, MR images not only show the skeletal system but also ligaments,
tendons, articular capsules, cartilages, meniscus and muscles in several layers.
Injury related concentrations of fluid after accidents can also be visualized, as in the case of articular effusions and swellings due to bleeding in the surrounding soft tissue.

Registration is required for all MR appointments. You can arrange this by phone or in person during our office hours.

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